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Therapeutic Areas

Gene Therapy


Oncolytic Virus:

Oncolytic viruses constitute a promising new therapeutic approach for treatment of cancer. These viruses selectively kill tumor cells without harming normal ones; with the added bonus of stimulating the patient’s immune response

  • Because immunogenicity includes both adaptive and innate immune responses in oncolytic viral therapy, Viracor offers multiple assays for immunogenicity analysis including anti-drug antibodies (ADA), and neutralization antibody (NAb)detection against the vector .
  • Viracor can also custom develop biodistribution and viral shedding assays by qPCR, for clinical trial studies; including quantitative analysis for outcome measures, These studies can be valuable for assessing the potential for transmission of virus/vaccine from infected/vaccinated subjects to unvaccinated/uninfected individuals.
  • RCR/RCL detection/quantification
  • Platforms for gene therapy studies (Flow Cytometry, qPCR, ELISA, ELISpot)

There are many complexities that make cell and gene therapy development challenging. It is crucial that the new gene reaches the correct cell without causing an unintended immune response.

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