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PBMC Isolation, Processing & Cyropreservation


Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) Processing

  • Eurofins Viracor’s PBMC services include effective isolation, quantitation, processing, culture, cyro-preservation, storage or shipping, and analysis.
  • Our highly trained laboratory professionals, are experienced with many different client-specific processing protocols customized for downstream analytical needs.
  • Our methodology provides consistent, robust cell preparations suitable for evaluating immune functional responses to therapeutic agents, including analysis by flow cytometry, qPCR, Cell Culture, and ELISpot.


      State-of-the-art cryo storage… for preserving viability and functionality of cells.

  • This high-efficiency LN2 freezer freezer offers advanced automation features such as vial-level inventory control, barcode reading automation, and sample transportation for cells and other sample assets.
  • Affording an enhanced level of safety, integrity, and 21-CFR- Part 11 regulatory compliance to compliment our expert PBMC processing services network.

Eurofins Global Network

Eurofins BioPharma Services encompasses the largest wholly-owned network of BioPharma Services dedicated testing facilities, with over 125 locations, world-wide. Eurofins’ global presence allows for the harmonization of PBMC processes and analysis for sample stability and processing.


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