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Molecular & Genomic


Developments in molecular and genomics technologies are dramatically improving the opportunities for development of more effective cancer therapeutics. At Eurofins Viracor we offer a broad range of molecular and genomic services to support translational and precision medicine approaches to clinical development.



Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology is the gold standard in molecular testing.

With a wide range of viral and bacterial targets, our clients have access to a broad menu of real-time PCR and quantitative assays for pathogen detection and monitoring, biodistribution and shedding.

Our PCR technology expertise includes: qPCR, RT-PCR, TEM-PCR, ddPCR; and extends across a variety of applications and therapeutic areas.



Eurofins Viracor’s capabilities for supporting clinical studies with genomics testing includes:

  • Gene expression profiles for detecting and characterizing mutations/biomarkers
  • Predictive biomarker assays (whole exome or RNA sequencing)
  • Microarray-based RNA expression assays


  • Sequencing (NextGen & Sanger)
    • Sequencing Viral Genotyping (including drug resistant markers)
    • Comprehensive targeted NGS panels or tumor profiling assays to detect known and emerging biomarkers
    • Our PanCancerIQ Genomic Profiling Panel (Illumina TSO500)


  • nanoString technology
    • With the addition of our new nCounter® Pro Analysis System we now offer our clients this unique,  high-performance digital gene expression capability for a variety of applications.
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