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Vaccine Safety & Efficacy


Viracor develops and performs a variety of assays for characterizing the humoral and cellular immune response, to support vaccine candidate clinical studies.

  • Assays for the detection of one or more anti-drug antibodies (ADAs)
  • Neutralizing antibody (NAb) assays to characterize neutralizing activity of ADAs, due to their potential impact on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety, and efficacy
  • CD4/CD8 quantitation, B-cell response, cytokine release, and other activation assays
  • qPCR assays to detect and quantify the presence of the virus in subject samples, as well as discrimination assays to differentiate wild type virus from vaccine strains


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Viracor also offers custom developed viral shedding assays by qPCR for clinical trial studies; including quantitative analysis for outcome measures. These studies can be valuable for assessing the potential for transmission of virus/vaccine from infected/ vaccinated subjects to unvaccinated/uninfected individuals.

  • Quantitative viral detection
  • Discrimination/Specificity assays
  • Biodistribution/Viral shedding
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