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Eurofins Scientists Contribute to Development of an Extended Benchmarking Indel Set from the Sequencing Quality Control 2 (SEQC2) Project

Title: Extend the benchmarking indel set by manual review using the individual cell line sequencing data from the Sequencing Quality Control 2 (SEQC2) project

Accurate indel calling plays an important role in precision medicine. A benchmarking indel set is essential for thoroughly evaluating the indel calling performance of bioinformatics pipelines. 

This study addresses a crucial gap in precision medicine by providing a more comprehensive set for evaluating bioinformatics pipelines' performance in indel calling. By facilitating a more thorough evaluation across varying conditions, this work significantly contributes to advancing genomic analysis tools, key for both research and clinical applications in precision medicine.

This article, recently published in Reports , is the product of the efforts of members of the FDA SEQC2 Oncopanel Sequencing Working Group, as well as other industry experts, including our own Karina Eterovic, PhD, Tyler J. Moss, PhD, Ananddeep Patel, PhD. and Brent J. Urban, PhD. , 

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