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January 19, 2023 

In this In the Zone podcast, we explore how precision oncology is currently utilized in the bioanalytical field, the use of liquid biopsies to support these studies and the major challenges impacting drug development.


About our presenter: 

Karina Eterovic, PhD
R&D Director, Oncology and Sequencing Eurofins-Viracor (KS, USA) 

Karina is the R&D Director for Oncology and Sequencing at Eurofins-Viracor, where she leads a team which develops and validates tests that support both cancer care and drug development. Prior to this, Karina was an Associate Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center (TX, USA), where she led the Cancer Genomics Laboratory within the Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy (both TX, USA). Karina has over 12 years of experience in cancer genomics and precision oncology and has many publications in the field

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