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Feb 23, 2022 11 AM EST

Eurofins Viracor Biopharma presented a webinar on February 23rd, 11 am EST, titled "Defining Specificity within the ELISpot Assay", presented by TJ Beadnell, PhD, Scientific Manager, R&D.

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot (ELISpot) assay is one of the most used methods to measure antigen-specific T cells in mice and humans. Some of the primary reasons for the popularity of the method are that ELISpot is highly quantitative, can measure a broad range of response magnitudes, and can assess critical cellular immune-related activities. The ELIspot assay can be used as a direct examination of specific T cell activation, and therefore requires proper controls to verify specificity within the assay and the nature of the activation. This webinar will focus on critical experiments that can be performed to verify specificity within the T cell ELISpot. 

What will you learn?


  • How the ELISPOT assays informs T cell responsiveness and activation.
  • Understanding how the ELISPOT assay exhibits increased sensitivity of single-cell responses compared to alternative assays.
  • Importance of specificity considerations during ELISPOT development
  • Options for measuring and determining response specificity
  • How to assess assay results in response to your antigen of interest
  • How to of find an experienced outsourcing partner with expertise in ELISPOT assays

About our presenter: 

Dr. Beadnell is a Scientific Manager in the Research and Development department at Eurofins Viracor BioPharma, and has several years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry. Dr. Beadnell completed his graduate work in Oncology at the University of Colorado and studied Immuno-Oncology during his time at the University of Kansas Medical Center. During his time with Eurofins Viracor BioPharma, he has helped with the expansion of the live cell division; focusing on enhancing the ELISPOT and Flow Cytometry capabilities for the organization and supporting our client’s drug development efforts.



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